Additional toughness or run a new PQR in ASME IX 2017

First, you should read and understand the code term in this code.

  • Shall: mandatory
  • Should: recommends
  • May: optional

Code reference

See QW-200.2 c)

Changes to the PQR are not permitted except as described below …, also see QW-401.1 para. 2 and para. 3:

Update PQR is a way to solve any mistake in reviewing process of welding procedure and almost production has welded and NDT.

May addition on product weld? No, it is destructive test.

Upon requirements, you may also prepare an additional test coupon and then performing a test to update a PQR, exempt to prepare all tests as new PQR.

Update/ revise a PQR including test report and third party endorse (if any).


An additional test coupon or run a new PQR are also add cost in project. So, you need to consider suitable procedure application and weld productivity.


Based on thickness, diameter, material and process to give welding parameters to meet welding procedure and suitable products, that welder can able to control and make a sound weld.

Don’t use WPS apply for large diameter apply to small diameter, such apply SMAW to pipe diameter 21.3 mm or GTAW process apply to full weld of pipe NPS 60”.

Normally, welding procedure of small pipe to apply GTAW with low heat input and easy control product. Large pipe (>= NPS 4”) may apply high welding parameter/ high heat input and other process (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, …) to increase productivity.


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