Hydrostatic test is a task of inspection point in the ITP, the hydrotest procedure should get approval code and all welding activities had been done inspection by all parties, NDT report to meet project requirement.


Prepare the test package

  • The following are 11 common steps to make a test package or prepare  a test package:


Cover page

  • See content of test package and download native file at the end of other topic here, you may modify to meet your procedure.



  • To reduce time to paperwork, you may input all common data such project name, client name, type of test, etc in the format standardization form or handwrite at site.

Pre-test check list

  • These task will be checked with your client before pressurization.


Line list

  • Spool number, line number or other identification should update in the line list for checking.
  • Inspector will check all spools and then he will sign off in the drawing.
  • The approved drawing should verify before make the test package.

Line check

  • To verify the actual spool comply with the approved drawings, flag or highlight spools in drawing.
  • Spool number, line number and other essential information to be marked on drawing for checking by Client
  • Request client to re-verify before testing and endorse in the drawing.
  • P&ID also flag to limit the testing spools, carefully to check follow direction of valve/ control valves.


Welding data

  • Welding summary and NDT reports should be included in the test package for reviewing.
  • Visual inspection and dimensional inspection found satisfactory before testing.


Material traceability

  • All spools must be recorded for traceable and ready for reviewing.


Pressure test certificate

  • Record the actual the test pressure and update calibration certificate of equipment utilization.
  • Pressure record may require for monitoring.
  • Pressure gauge shall follow construction code and approved procedure, range 1.5 to 4.0 time of test pressure. One gauge shall be place at the higher point and other one will be placed visible for verification.

Pressure test chard recorder

This chart may add to the test package, if required.

Temperature record

  • This is a recommendation to add the monitoring temperature chart, in case of pressure drop or other confusion need to clear.

Punch list

  • Any comments or pending tasks should detail in the punch list for further actions. In case of no any comment, you also should make it and update in the test package without comments from Client.


Submission the test package

Content of test package should submit to client for reviewing and approval. You should make sure all welding activities and NDT had been done and satisfaction. Here is a sample of test package (sample form format get here):

  • Cover page
  • Hydrotest instruction
  • Pre-test check list / line check list
  • Line list
  • P&ID drawing marking and flag the piping spool subjected to test.
  • Isometric drawing
  • Material traceability
  • Welding summary
  • NDT reports such RT, MT, PT, ...
  • Format pressure test certificate
  • Calibration certificates of pressure gauges, pressure recorder, thermometer, test medium, ..
  • Other if required in procedure
  • Document submission may included form format of pressure test certificates, highlight punch list, ...



  • All reports and calibration certificates, drawing attachment to be submitted for reviewing and endorsing by parties.
  • Scanned file must be combined in a *.pdf format for submission.
  • Photo report may add in the test package, such pressure gauge at higher point, lower point, at starting holding time and end of holding time, etc for verification late, if any.


If you need to review the test package, prepare the test package or witness the test package, please contact to us here.

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