• EN 1011-1 or CEN/TR 14599, Heat input, energy introduced into the weld region during welding per unit length.
  • AWS A3.0
  • Heat input. The energy applied to the workpiece during welding.
  • Heat input rate. The heat input per unit length of weld.
  • The heat input during welding can be viewed as a main influencing factor on the properties of ferritic and ferritic-austenitic stainless steel welds in particular. This influences the time/temperature cycle occurring during welding.

EN 1011-1 2009, Section 8.7

  • Thermal efficiency factor k are in accordance with Table 1 of EN 1011-1 : 2009.


  • What is the difference between arc energy and heat input? Arc energy is the energy supplied by the welding arc to the workpiece before the efficiency of the process is considered.

BS EN ISO 15614-1 : 2017

  • Welding qualification for all positions, see Section 8.4.2 and topic , Welding position requirement in BS EN ISO 15614-1.
  • Heat input determination and range of qualification, see Section 8.4.7.

ASME Section IX

  • QW-405.2 positions, vertical position qualification were deleted in latest revision for welding process SMAW, GTAW, FCAW/FCAW and PAW.
  • Heat input determination and range of qualification, see QW-409.1
  • Interpretation, ASME IX: Heat Input Variables, recorded no. BPV IX-19-16 36

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