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      # Description Reference/Section Remarks
      1 Standard application ASME IX 2021  
      2 Essential variables    
      2.1 Joint QW-402 Check addition/deletion backing, back-gouging.
      2.2 Base metal QW-403 Verify maximum thickness, minimum diameter, and P-Number of base metals.
      2.3 Filler metal QW-404 Verify filler metal, thickness of weld metal deposition, production form.
      2.4 Positions QW-405 High skills required for welder qualification and its position.
      2.4 Gas QW-408 Verify inert gas required or not?
      2.5 Electrical QW-409 Verify transfer mode and current & polarity.
      3 Lesson learned    
      3.1 P-Number qualified QW-423.1 Alternative base metal qualification for welder qualification range to be checked.
      3.2 Volumetric NDE alternative mechanical test QW-302 Entire length of test coupon to be examined or min. 150 mm for welder qualification, or min. 1000 mm for welding operator, number of test coupon see QW-304.1 (b).
      3.3 Qualification on production weld QW-302 For volumetric NDE only, mechanical test is required on the test coupon.
      3.4 Renewal QW-322.3 Provided volumetric report for continuity of welding production with 06 months or re-test on test coupon/production welds.
      3.5 Welder made the PQR QG-106.2 (e) The person who made the test coupon and tested, found acceptance the PQR, he qualifies within the ranges specified performance.


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