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      # Description Reference/Section Remarks
      1 Standard application ASME IX 2021 Edition
      2 Welding variables QW-250  
      2.1 Joints QW-402 ·   All weld variables are grouped in “nonessential” column.

      ·   You may change any type of joint in the WPS.

      2.2 Base metal QW-403 ·   Consider “T Limits” and ”T qualified”.

      ·   Verify the Group Nos and P-Nos are in QW-421 and Table QW-422

      2.3 Filler metal QW-404 ·   Verify the F-Nos and A-Nos in Table QW-432 & QW-442.

      ·   Verify the classification of electrode or flux in the PQR and range of qualification on the WPS.

      ·   Thickness of weld metal deposit to be checked carefully in the PQR and QW-451.

      2.4 Positions QW-405 ·   All weld variables are grouped in “nonessential” column à qualified on flat position shall qualify for all position, except SAW process.
      2.5 Preheat QW-406 ·   Min. preheat and max. inter-pass temperature determine in the PQR and for each welding process, each set of welding.
      2.6 PWHT QW-407 ·   Determine thickness, time, and temperature in the construction code and additional procedure/PWHT instruction to be provided.
      2.7 Gas QW-408 ·   Gas composition and gas mixture see AWS A5.32.

      ·   Consider “- deletion” backing gas in the WPS.

      2.8 Electrical characteristic QW-409 ·   Verify welding parameter and heat input for small bore and different welding position.
      2.9 Technique QW-410 ·   Verify number of electrode and pass per side.
      3 Lesson learned    
      3.1 New edition application QG-100 (d)  
      3.2 Combination of welding procedure QW-200.4 ·   Min. thickness of test coupon should 13 mm and thicker.
      3.3 Volumetric NDE for the test coupon QW-190 ·   Not required, optional. see QW-141.
      3.4 Content of PQR, WPS QW-200.1 ·   Bring all essential in QW-250 to the PQR and WPS.
      3.5 Testing position QW-405 ·   Qualified on plate shall qualify for pipe and in any positions.
      3.7 Pre-setting the test coupon on plate QW-402 ·   Presetting 20~50 angle to prevent angular distortion after welding from single side application.
      3.8 Make the single process on the test coupon QW-250 ·   For combination or separate each process in the WPS, PQR should run with a single process with backing or without backing.
      3.9 Welder qualification on fillet welds QW-452.2 ·   Additional test specimen of fracture test for welder qualification certificate.


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