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10 The HAZ associated with a fusion weld:
a. Can not be avoided.
b. Usually has the highest tensile strength.
c. Is usually martensitic.
d. Both a and b.
e. All of the above.
11. Which of the following butt weld preparations would normally be considered for a mechanized welding process
a. Single-V butt, root gap 2.5 mm (welded from on side only).
b. Double-V butt-welded both sides, root gap 2.0 mm.
c. Single-U butt with backing.
d. None of the above can be used for mechanized welding.
12. Which of the following applies to the heat treatment process of tempering
a. It is always carried out at a temperature above upper critical limit.
b. It is carried out to increase the strength and toughness of weldments.
c. Tempering is generally carried out before quench hardening.
d. None of the above
13.The usual method of assessing the sensitivity and density of a radiograph is by means of:
a. Densitometer and dosimeter.
b. Penetrameter and a densitometer.
c. IQI and a dosimeter.
d. IQI and a fluxmeter.
14. Hot cracking in steel weldments occurs:
a. Along the fusion line.
b. In the last metal to solidify.
c. Weld centre line
d. In areas of the lowest dilution.

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