Refer document no. WIS5-90516b – CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector. 


Q_1.1: What is meant by the term duty cycle?
Answer: The amount of TIME a welding machine can be used.
Learn more: WIS5 Section 21.2.

Q_1.2: What is the recommended minimum range of illumination required by BS EN ISO 17637 for inspection of a welded surface?
Answer: 350 – 500 lux.
Learn more: WIS5 Section 1.1.3 and BS EN ISO 17637.

Q_1.3: A magnifying lens should be used during visual inspection as BS EN ISO 17637:
Answer: x2 to x5 times.
Learn more: WIS5 Section 1.1.4 and BS EN ISO 17637.

Q_1.4: Who should have access to the WPQRs?
Answer: Welding engineer.
Learn more: CSWIP document WI-6-92.

Q_1.5: Who should have access to the WPS?
Answer: Welding inspector and welder for working site.

Q_1.6: Who has the final responsibility of sentencing and accepting a weld on completion?
Answer: Client or certifying authority.
Learn more: CSWIP document WI-6-92 for responsibilities.

Q_1.7: Which of the following would not be required to be checked before welding?
Answer: PWHT, hardness test, tensile test.
Learn more: WIS5 Section 1.1.6.

Q_1.8: Is it permissible to allow welding to be carried out in bad weather?
Answer: Yes, if adequate protection from the poor weather conditions, ensure weather conditions are suitable/comply with Code.
Learn more: WIS5 Section 1.1.6.

Q_1.9: What course of action should be taken upon finding a welder using incorrect welding consumables, un-approval drawing, incorrectly WPS?
Answer: Report, record all related information, and seeking high authority.

Q_1.10: Who should select the specific welds for NDT, to cover the 10% contractual percentage required by the Specification/Code?
Answer: Engineering design or an approval ITP, project specification.

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