General requirement

__See requirement in Section 4 of ASTM A6/A6M-17a

__Additional information should be included in material requisition such type of inspection document MTC 3.1 or 3.2, production test, max. carbon equivalent (CE), country of origin, approval vendor list, …

Material and manufacture

__The steel shall be killed.

Chemical composition

__Let check chemical analysis in Table 3 of ASTM A36.

__Note: product analysis tolerance in Table A of ASTM A6.

____Heat analysis: test on casting, another name heat, casing.

____Product analysis: test on production after forming.

____% C and %Mn deviation sees foot note B in Table 3 of ASTM A36.

__Sampling for chemical analysis and methods of analysis shall be in accordance with ASTM A751.

Tension test

__Tensile requirement in Table 2, you should refer to specification and compare with an MTC.

__Remarks the foot note A) B) C) D) E) in Table 2 of ASTM A36 and then refer to ASTM A6 Para. 11 to check the statement in the MTC such orientation of test sample (transverse or longitudinal).

__Test sample should verify in the MTC:

____Position of test sample: top, bottom or middle.

____Tensile test: direction, size and gauge length of sample.

__Minimum number of tension test required, see Table B in ASTM A6.


__See Para. 9 in ASTM A6: … structural products are normally furnished in the as-rolled condition and are subjected to visual inspection by the manufacturer or processor.

__Refer to product form and delivery condition in purchase order.

Permitted variations and dimensions and weight

__See Para. 12 in ASTM A6.

__Too many fake MTC modified the thickness plate by Suppler, you can find it in the MTC.

Test report

__Test reports for each heat supplied are required, see Para. 14 in ASTM A6, Identification of structural products (markings):

Plate markings

____ASTM designation:  ASTM A36/A36M (year-date not required).

____Grade: (not required for A36)

____Heat number: xxxxx

____Size and thickness: 6 x 1254 x 6096 mm

____Name, brand or trademark of manufacturer: logo or tradename (NSSMC)

____Processor: ABC (stocker identification or distributor)

For structural products finished by other than the original manufacturer, the supplier of the structural product shall also provide the purchaser with a copy of the original manufacturer’s test report (Supplier shall certify true copy).

Location markings

__At least one plate of each finished plate or production.

__Other products and required marking, see Para. 18 of ASTM A6.

Other production markings here.

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